Anticipating Disruption from Within

Innovation Labs

Trusted by leading global institutions such as Nissan and Hewlett-Packard, our industry leading innovation labs help Fortune 500 companies stay ahead of the pack. From culture engineering to product prototyping, our team bridges you with groundbreaking upstarts, breakthrough founders and leading academics to engineer your firm's tomorrow.

Driving Innovation

At the Applied Innovation Institute, we work closely with our corporate partners to develop fresh new ways to approach disruptive innovation.

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Culture Engineering

We help you seed a culture that is conducive to innovation

Talent Recruiting

We help you scout and identify disruptive and innovative intrapreneurs

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team works closely with yours to identify potential M&A targets to support your organizational strategy

Prototyping and Product Development

Develop breakthrough products with our faculty members

Strategy Evaluation

We evaluate and help chart your organization’s innovation strategy

Market Research

Our faculty works closely with you to research potential markets


Silicon Valley Strategies for Corporate Managers & Leaders


Data Strategies for Solving Strategic Corporate Challenges


Silicon Valley Digital Leaders Program


Using M&A to derive an Innovation and Competitive Advantage

Trusted by Leading Institutions

and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies

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