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Kickstarting Breakthrough Innovations


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Empowering Student Entrepreneurs

The Accelerator

Students with an entrepreneurial spirit and disruptive ideas will begin the process of transforming those concepts into investment-worthy companies with this acceleration program. Twice a year, five most promising projects are presented to investors with the mission of opening the doors to the relationships that might eventually lead to successful funding. Demo Days are held bi-annually in Europe as well as internationally.

The Participants

Participants are mentored by a team of more than 100 dedicated thought-leaders with great knowledge of multiple industries and different management areas within a company. They also receive access to more than $200,000 of cash-equivalent benefits.

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Engage with World Leading Startups

Innovation Exchange

Our corporate partners have the opportunity to engage with world leading app developers and enhance their in-house innovation departments. Partners also have the opportunity to develop key relationships with these startups.

End-to-end Solution

Our experienced faculty at the Applied Innovation Institute will deliver a fully tailored accelerator to help you deliver on your strategic objectives

Dealflow Advice

Our team works closely with you to advise you on potential investment and acquisition targets

Talent Sourcing

We identify breakthrough innovations and scout for top founding teams

Engagement Sessions

We help you maximize your face time with founders in your CA to drive engagement between your teams and the founding teams

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