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Data Strategies for Corporate Problems

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Program Overview

New technologies are changing the world today. Data Strategies leveraged by blockchain and AI will change the way we look at Trust, Automation, and Business Models in the Digital Age. This will affect every company at every level.

This program covers the most common smart emerging technologies and data-driven business models that are being used today to monetize data – along with an insightful understanding of the emerging capabilities in Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

Moreover, the challenge for firms today is larger than data science alone. Business creation and business transformation are still business problems. And as such, this program allows for a discussion of how data and algorithms projects relate to a firm’s general business strategy, leadership, innovation mindset, culture, and business objectives.

For: Corporations, Middle Management Executives
Length: 3 days


Culture Engineering

Develop innovation mindsets through rich discussions of how you can benefit from the disruptive technologies

Data Strategy

Learn to harness the power of data in a practical manner in order to compete in the data driven market of tomorrow

Horizon Scanning

Extensive exposure to the innovative and emerging technologies that are changing the digital landscape to develop a competitive advantage

Innovation Strategy

Develop a medium and long term innovation strategy to achieve your firm's innovation objectives

Product Prototyping

Learn to develop solutions to some of your corporate challenges using blockchain , big data or machine learning

Leadership Training

Develop essential leadership skills for a disruptive economy

Solving Real World Challenges

Day 1

Morning Session: Learn about data driven business models and identify key challenges facing your company.

Afternoon Session: An in-depth introduction to blockchain and the evolution of management strategy in a disruptive economy.

Day 2

Morning Session: Exploration of tools used for data-science and the project, architecture and design issues of new products.

Afternoon Session: Exploration of big data and AI case studies and an in-depth overview of blockchain business models.

Day 3

Morning Session: Identification of key opportunities and weaknesses with participants; further exploration into blockchain and its advanced applications.

Afternoon Session: Progress reports with group presentations; an in-depth look into the future of big-data and blockchain.

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Program Pillars

Leading Faculty Members

Top faculties from round the world will work closely with participants to acquire knowledge & skills that will help maximise the returns of their global investments in early-stage companies

Culture Engineering

Reengineer your company culture to be better suited for the age of disruption. Our leading faculty works with you closely to develop new ways of identifying and building innovations.

Distinctive Insights

Prominent academics will share their insights into disruptive innovations and the applicability of key breakthrough ideas to enterprises.

Project Learning

Using a project based learning approach, participants will acquire essential negotiation skills by taking part in simulated exercises with real companies from around the world


The program is taught by outstanding faculty members from leading global institutions such as Berkeley, IE Business School and Stanford. Our esteemed faculty members possess vast amounts of experience in teaching, research and have also consulted for governments, businesses and multi-national corporations.

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