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Digital Leaders Program

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Program Overview

Over a period of 12 to 15 months, our leading faculty members work closely with corporates to organize five 3-day modules to hone the digital strategy, expertise and management of the attendees.

For: Corporations, Middle Management Executives
Length: 12 to 13 months


Culture Engineering

Develop innovation mindsets through rich discussions of how you can benefit from the disruptive technologies

Data Strategy

Learn to harness the power of data in a practical manner in order to compete in the data driven market of tomorrow

Horizon Scanning

Extensive exposure to the innovative and emerging technologies that are changing the digital landscape to develop a competitive advantage

Innovation Strategy

Develop a medium and long term innovation strategy to achieve your firm's innovation objectives


Understand what the blockchain is and learn to develop solutions to some of your corporate challenges using the blockchain

Partnerships Strategy

Identify and evaluate potential startup partnerships and how it affects your innovation strategy

Digitizing Global Conglomerates

Module 1

Leadership development for professionals has changed dramatically in the Digital Age and demands a different approach, especially when dealing with Millennials. Professionals need to relate to a Digital Millennial mindset.

Module 1 focuses on looking at mindset, outcomes, motivation, team work, trust and influence in the Digital Age. In introducing these elements of foundational development, emphasis is placed on how they are changing and how to succeed today as a leader.

Each participant is mentored in order to develop their “Digital Roadmap”. This roadmap is then reviewed again after every module and during module 4 emphasis is placed on how they can now apply what they have learned to a real challenge facing their firm.

Module 2

This module takes a non-traditional approach to leadership and company development emphasizing a Silicon Valley approach to starting a new venture within your company.

This module focuses on strategies and techniques for sharpening product development, selecting the right go to market approaches, building innovative teams, and financing strategies, company scaling, including acquisitions.

Participants go into detail of an Opportunity Assessment Framework: Why: Customer Motivation, What: Solution, Where: Market, How: Business Models, When: Trends, Who: team.

Participants are exposed to the New Business Models of Today and how new startups are disrupting the status quo. Everyone needs to be a “Startup Leader”.

Module 3

Participants now begin to become exposed in detail to the emerging technologies that are changing the Digital landscape and how these can be harnessed for competitive Advantage.

The Module provides the participants with the opportunity to see up close how these new technologies are driving much of innovation today and the importance of non-traditional leadership and management skills in leveraging them.

Module 4

This module focuses on Corporate Innovation today in the context of current trends across many industries.

We highlight the 10 most innovative companies of today and go into a detailed analysis of what makes them innovative and how they maintain their positions. Particular emphasis also on what makes their leaders great.

We look at how big Companies fail and what are some of the main lessons learned for leadership and strategy.

We look at how companies effectively use external innovation in order to succeed.

Module 5

This final module focuses on how we scale across the company with what we have learned.

We learn to build and sustain an innovation culture.

We explore developing an innovation playbook that maximizes innovation across the company.

We look at how to develop partnerships that last and allow a company to scale.

Teams develop and execute final industry challenge projects through team based format.

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Program Pillars

Leading Faculty Members

Top faculties from round the world will work closely with participants to acquire knowledge & skills that will help maximise the returns of their global investments in early-stage companies

Culture Engineering

Reengineer your company culture to be better suited for the age of disruption. Our leading faculty works with you closely to develop new ways of identifying and building innovations.

Technical Skills

Obtain technical skills and understand how to deploy disruptive innovations such as the blockchain and artificial intelligence.

Project Learning

Using a project based learning approach, participants will acquire essential negotiation skills by taking part in simulated exercises with real companies from around the world


The program is taught by outstanding faculty members from leading global institutions such as Berkeley, IE Business School and Stanford. Our esteemed faculty members possess vast amounts of experience in teaching, research and have also consulted for governments, businesses and multi-national corporations.

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