Global Venture Lab Technical Brief
Authors: Ichieh (Jack) Cheng, Dipti Desai, Konstantino Koudigkelis, Pedro de Vasconcellos, Phil Kaminsky, Ikhlaq Sidhu, Burghardt Tenderich

Electric vehicles (EVs) are widely considered to offer significantly lower costs of operation than gasoline powered vehicles; however, a significant electric charging infrastructure is required before EVs can be adopted. This technical brief presents the rollout strategy and user models for the development of an EV charging infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay Area. First, the brief summarizes demographic information for the nine counties in the greater Bay Area region and provides analysis to determine which of these counties would be most strategically advantageous as the first place to deploy a charging infrastructure. Second, user models (personas) have been developed in order to identify likely first adopters of electric vehicles in the Bay Area. Based on these models, we find that Santa Clara, San Mateo, and Alameda counties are the best candidates for the first counties in such an infrastructure rollout. We also find that the first adopters will be professionals in the high-tech sector who commute in or out of Silicon Valley and professionals whose commutes combine both driving and public transportation.

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