Engineering Leadership Project, Coleman Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership
Authors: Durai Balusamy, Ram Iyer, Sudheer Miryala, Anish Sheth, Daisuke Terasawa, Ikhlaq Sidhu

In this report, we start with the observation that U.S. K-12 education industry has not been able to fully meet the diverse needs of parents and students. It has been relatively slow in adopting advances in Internet technologies. The dominance of traditional “brick-and-mortar” public schools resulted in little choices for parents and students. We hypothesize that continued advances in technologies will eventually lead to choices in types of schools, course variety, time, location and pace of study. We expect these changes will go a long way in satisfying the diverse educational needs of students and parents. We investigate the current landscape of the K-12 education industry and analyze the technical, regulatory, and societal factors around the current landscape. We also look into the technical and business model innovations pursued by new technology-driven entrants into the K-12 online education industry and how the landscape may change in the future.

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