Impacting the World

Transforming Innovation,

Enabling Disruption

At the Applied Innovation Institute, we have worked with NGOs and Corporations of all sizes to build sustainable and forward-looking solutions for tomorrow.

What We Do

Strategies for Tomorrow

The challenges of tomorrow are diverse and ever-changing. The Institute is at the forefront of identifying the potential risks and developing the best corporate strategies – visions for others to follow. We believe in standing by your side to ideate, innovate and create radical solutions that best suits your organisation.

Impactful Thought Leadership

Leaders have the potential to drive transformative and sustainable change, creating value and influencing their communities with their aptitude to innovate and improve. The Institute is the global leader of holistic executive education that transforms leaders and organisations through Applied Innovation strategies, mentored by best in class experts from the field.

Implementing Disruptive Thinking

New capabilities and resources are essential to transform organisations to implement disruptive innovations. We believe that collaboration is key. The Institute works closely with a world-class faculty and established partners to successfully integrate state-of-the-art technologies and innovative solutions into your organisations.

Where We Work