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Executive Education, Open Innovation, & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

We design, develop, and execute leading-edge programs in Executive Education combining faculty from the top Engineering and Business Schools in the world. Our Open Innovation programs connect participants with a global network of new ventures and suppliers to develop complex solutions for corporations. Our faculty and industry experts bring together many years of experience in entrepreneurial ecosystem development around accelerators, incubators, and venture builders.


・ Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
・ Open Innovation
・ Acceleration Programs
・Incubation Programs

Business Professionals
Established Teams


・ Technology Leadership
・ Customized Development Programs
・ Executive Coaching and Mentorship
・ Strategic Vision and Change Management

Private Institutions
Public Institutions


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Industry professionals connected through our professional network


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Ready to Transform Your Future with Cutting-Edge Expertise?


Crafting a bespoke program is a nuanced process, shaped by factors like cohort size and the complexity of requirements. Our aim is to deliver exceptional results through seamless collaboration and continuous communication. The development timeline typically spans around one month, allowing for precision in fine-tuning every detail. This collaborative journey operates as a strategic partnership, surpassing expectations.

In addition to our qualitative approach, we recognize the need for a quantitative dimension to ensure measurable success. Our tailored programs integrate sophisticated surveys and dashboards, offering a data-driven understanding of impact and progress. These tools enhance transparency and empower you to track key metrics, analyze trends, and make informed decisions.

Our commitment to a holistic approach, blending qualitative insights with quantitative analytics, sets our programs apart. This dual focus allows us not only to create a program aligned with your vision but also to demonstrate tangible, measurable results through user-friendly dashboards and insightful survey data. It’s a perfect blend of finesse and rigor, ensuring an impactful experience.

Post-delivery, our commitment extends further. Leveraging integrated technology and tools, we facilitate ongoing monitoring through dynamic dashboards, offering real-time insights into changes and improvements initiated by the program. This post-program engagement ensures positive transformations persist and evolve over time, fostering lasting change. It’s not just about delivering a program; it’s about navigating sustained impact, and our dashboards are the tools that keep you informed at every step.